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Process Equipments


Gravure printing process using network structure which rely on ink volume to achieve multiple graphic impressions based on original image.


Offset printing technology is another form of lithographic plate, using printing plates and rubber roller to transmit images for printing.

Silk Screening

Screen printing technology. Utilizing sensitization material make silk net machine plate by photomechanical process.


We are equipped with 2 CERUTTI cutters,the largest cutting square is 980mm, cut from the 500-1000mm and the top speed of 250m/min.

Sheet Quality Control

JP1020 Quality detection machine is used for product quality verification improving sorting quality and efficiency.

Hot Stamp, Emboss, and Die Cut

We also equipped with BOBST 102 Swiss made hot-stamping, die-cutting machine and BOBST Swiss folder-gluers among others.

Design Showcase

Quality System

The quality as an eternal theme is very important to enterprise. The enterprise development depends recognizing the value and dignity of each employee, improving the business environment, creating platform in order to increase sense of the staff-to-business dedication which will increase value-creating enterprises and the ability to increase profits. In 2003 our company through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.

Range of Production Services

Our products are mainly divided into cigarette packages, the roof-box milk carton, social products and so on. Cigarette packages including a variety of paper materials products and the crafts including offset printing, gravure, screen printing, soft pack, hard pack and other types; roof-box milk packages including two catalogues, fresh-type and room-temperature; and the social products covers Various types of wine packaging, cosmetics packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and other packaging items.